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DJES Home Recording
and Guitar


Some photos with brief words are below.

Recording Desk

Recording computer desk

  • Now using an 27" iMac for Logic and Pro Tools
  • Apogee Ensemble
  • Avid/Digidesign Eleven Rack
  • Roland GI-20 for MIDI guitar
  • Denon/Mission HiFi for monitoring
  • LaCie Raid disks for Backup

Practice area

Study and practice area

For going through books, CDs and practicing.

Pedal board


After much experimentation on best location for each pedal, I put together board with one path to amp and second path for effects loop.  Now with Whammy 5 added.

Main Guitar amp

Marshall Amp and Cab

After playing Mesa Boogie's for a while, I realized I preferred Marshall sound.

  • Marshall JVM410H with Voodoo amp mods
  • Marshall 2x12 1936 cab
  • Hughes & Kettner Red Box for recording

PRS guitars

PRS guitars

  • PRS Limited Edition semi-hollow, quilted top
  • PRS 305 Anniversary, limited run of 305, I added GK3 pickup
  • PRS Hollow body II, true hollow body no centre-block, no piezo